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Fragrance as a lifestyle

Dusk Refill

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Fragrance as a lifestyle

Dusk Refill

Refill Bottle | 50ML Eau de Parfum

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Spicy, Citrus, Sweet, Comforting

Sa. Dusk is fresh and warm evoking visions of a future summer evening. A portable memory to remember places where life is bright.

In stock


Sa. Dusk

An explosion of warm spices and fresh citrus melt into floral notes and sweet resins. Like an enveloping memory of extreme comfort. Divided in the following notes:

Top notes: Citrus, Warm Spices
Middle notes: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose
Base notes: Resins, Cedarwood

Smart and Sustainable

We make sure your fragrance stays fresh. Our refill was designed to replenish your favourite fragrance whenever you need to. A compact vial that will fit through your mailbox. Completely recyclable, designed to open, refill and go — without wasting a drop.

Smart Refill System

Thanks to its innovative design, you’ll be able to fill up your fragrance any place, anytime. The package is slim enough to fit through most mailboxes. The vial includes a funnel and is sent in a custom metallic case, to protect it from breaking. Perfect to use on your travels.

To refill your lifetime bottle, simply unscrew the spray nozzle and place the funnel on top. Gently pour your refill over into your lifetime bottle, screw the spray nozzle back on your lifetime bottle, and you’re good to go. Save the funnel for future use and recycle the glass vial.

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